Here you will be able to download patient forms that your midwife may refer you to during the course of your care at the Sierra Natural Birth Center.

Early Pregnancy
All About Kegels
Build Your Iron Stores
Eat Well For Your Baby!
Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Breastfeeding
Nausea in Pregnancy
Nutritional Support – Standard Process
Protein Counter
Vitamin D Council | Vitamin D during pregnancy and breastfeeding
12 Things You Can Stop Worrying About
Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy
Essential Oils to Avoid in Pregnancy
Depression in Pregnancy – Aviva Romm
Harmony Genetic Screening

Late Pregnancy
Count Your Baby’s Kicks
DONA Labor and Birth
Group B Strep – Aviva Romm
If Your Labor Starts Too Early
Packing Your Birth Bag
Pelvic Pain
Postpartum Vital Signs
Belly Mapping
Glucose Testing in Pregnancy

Natural Childbirth
Penny Simkin YouTube Chanel
Delayed Cord Clamping-Penny Simkin
Spinning Babies
Precious Arrows
Aviva Romm – Integrative medicine for women and children
Evidenced Based Birth -Water Birth
Baby Grower Blog
Doulas – Evidence Based Birth
Premature Rupture of Membranes – Evidence Based Birth
Online Childbirth Classes

Newborn Procedures/Tests/Medications/Info

10 More Reasons To Breastfeed
LLL Meeting Notice 2017
Tuolumne County Breastfeeding Resources
LLL Laid Back Breastfeeding
LLL Storing Milk
LLL Resource List
LLL – Diaper Log
LLL Feeding Ques
La Leche League
La Leche League of Tuolumne County
Pumping Essentials
Breastfeeding Resources-Stanford University
Breast Feeding Inc.

Postpartum Care
Shrinx Belly – Postpartum Belly Wrap – Check them out here. Also available on Amazon
Thyroid Problems After Pregnancy
Natural Health After Birth

Babies & Children
Essential Oils for Babies and Children
Aviva Romm – Children’s Health

Local Photographers