Newborn Care

Newborn Procedures/Tests/Medications/Info
Vitamin K Informed Consent
Vitamin K – Evidence Based Birth
Erythromycin Eye Ointment 
California Newborn Screening
Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects
Newborn Hearing Screening
LLL Safe Sleep 7
Carseat Safety

Circumcision is a person and controversial decision. It is important to be fully informed. This is an educational video that explains the purpose, the anatomy and physiology of the foreskin, which is also known as the prepuce.

Hepatits B
We do not offer the Hepatitis B vaccine that is routinely offered to newborns at the hospital. If you would like the Hepatitis B vaccine you will need to get it through your physician or through the Health Department.

Birth Certificate
We will fill out and drop off your birth certificate information to the recorders office. The recorders office will call you when it is ready to be signed. Make sure you take your drivers license with you when you go in to sign. We recommend you buy at least one copy of the birth certificate. The recorders office is located in downtown Sonora next to the courthouse at 2 S. Green Street.

Social Security Card
You can download the application for a social security card using the following link, it is form SS-5.
You will need your child’s birth certificate and a second form of identification which we can provide (or you can use your child’s insurance card or medical records from another provider).
The Social Security office is located at 745 Morning Star Drive in Sonora.